About Our Company

Iacobo Capital possesses investments in Commercial, Retail, Residential and Hospitality Sectors. They are a Private equity firm who specializes in Real Estate Optimization; investing in undervalued projects with a large value creation potential. Iacobo Capital’s expertise can be broken down into acquisitions, financing, construction, development, repairs & property management categories. They own an impressive and diversified portfolio of land and properties throughout greater Montreal. Their unique relationships with certified architects, contractors, engineers, evaluators, inspectors, lenders and suppliers is vital to their success.

Iacobo Capital was officially founded in 2017, however the company’s first purchases date back to 2010. Their investors include accountants, business owners, doctors, executives, engineers, lawyers, and several other high net worth individuals. At Iacobo capital, real estate is more than a profession, it’s their passion. Their main focus is to provide turn key, customizable real estate investment vehicles for accredited investors.

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